Umbra in the Tetons – Petrified Wood and Hardwood Sculpture


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Umbra in the Tetons

This sculpture is comprised of three elements.

1.  A Rare Specimen of Wyoming Petrified Wood. Rare, because the formation of the petrified wood center is surrounded by strand of agate which is then surrounded by petrified algae.

2.  Hand Sculptued and Engraved Wood Frame. The frame is comprised of two layers of wood: sculpted cherry front and poplar holding insert with oak stays. The frame is designed for easy removal of the specimen for cleaning and viewing.

3. Sculpture Stand and LED Backlight. Made of poplar, this stand is designed to hold the frame at the correct angle to backlight the specimen revealing a likeness of the Total Solar Eclipse.

There are only four of these sculptures in existence because of the rarity of the eclipse likeness.

For detailed photos of the existing three remaining available sculptures, send an email to